Main Dish

Majadra – rice & lentils

One of my favourite dishes! Even if lentils together with rice sound strange to you at first I highly recommend you give it a try! Linsen und Reis? Zusammen? Jawohl. Und zwar besser gleich die doppelte Portion, weil das himmlisch schmeckt!

Main Dish

Spring Risotto

Is there something like 'Science of Risotto-making?' There are so many ways it can be made: in the oven, continuously stirred, stirred now and then, not stirred at all. Some people are even talking about 'massaging' the rice...So what's the best option? Seriously, I don't know but I found a way it works really well… Continue reading Spring Risotto

Main Dish

Blanched Veg with coconut-herb-rice and wasabi seeds

I don’t like going to a Chinese Restaurant here in Germany because a lot of stuff they offer tends to be really greasy and feels like it’ll stay in my stomach forever. I prefer the type of Thai/Japanese food, you know those fresh flavours, tons of herbs and exciting tastes. Big bowls of broth, noodles… Continue reading Blanched Veg with coconut-herb-rice and wasabi seeds