how to use leftover beer
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How to use leftover beer

What to do with leftover beer? Bake pancakes! Was kann man mit stehengebliebenem Bier machen? Einfach Pfannkuchen backen!

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Porridge to go. Banane-Kakao-Erdmandel

Eine süße Porridgevariation zum Mitnehmen. Der richtige Start in eine neue Woche. A sweet porridge version to go for the right start into a busy week.


Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Christmas cookies, chocolate treats, creamy sauces, big flavours, mouthwatering smells from the kitchen day after day, leftovers from every meal, fizzy drinks, decadent recipes, luxurious ingredients, indulgence and traditions. A marathon of good food, of delicious food. The same procedure as every year. And only one big evening left and then it's 2016 - time… Continue reading Quinoa Breakfast Bowl