Porridge with apple
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Porridge to go. Apfel-Möhre-Zimt.

Eine weitere Porridge Variante... Another porridge-variation...

A box with porridge and kale
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Porridge to go. Tomate-Grünkohl.

Eine Frühstücksvariante für alle, die lieber herzhaft frühstücken. A breakfast variation for everyone who enjoyes a savoury breakfast.

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Kanelknuter – Cinnamon buns with red currants

It's been three months since I've published the last recipe on here. THREE MONTHS. Far too long. My studies took hold of me completely and I did not spend a lot of time on one of my favourite things: food. Of course I had food because obviously one has to but I didn't cook much… Continue reading Kanelknuter – Cinnamon buns with red currants


Scrambled Eggs – Oriental Style

I love my oatmeal. Really, I do. But sometimes I crave a savoury breakfast. Thick slices of freshly baked bread, two or three kinds of cheese, veg like tomatoes and cucumber, hearty spreads and scrambled egg. Scrambled egg tastes absolutely delicious on bread but it is also nice on its own. Here is a quick… Continue reading Scrambled Eggs – Oriental Style