Sweet things

Buckwheat Chocolate Biscuits

Bake those chocolate-y buckwheat biscuits to satisfy your sweet cravings. Perfect with a cup of coffee or plant milk. Diese schokoladigen Buchweizen-Kekse passen perfekt zur einer Tasse Kaffee oder einem Glas Hafermilch. Und befriedigen Schokoladengelüste.

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Kanelknuter – Cinnamon buns with red currants

It's been three months since I've published the last recipe on here. THREE MONTHS. Far too long. My studies took hold of me completely and I did not spend a lot of time on one of my favourite things: food. Of course I had food because obviously one has to but I didn't cook much… Continue reading Kanelknuter – Cinnamon buns with red currants