Bread, Breakfast, Snack

Seed Crackers – ordinary and glutenfree

So this is easy. Really easy. But the result is satisfying - and that's what counts. I am a huge fan of crackers, crispbread or similar things. They keep well - important for a small student household where a whole bread gets mouldy before even half of it is eaten. They are easy to handle… Continue reading Seed Crackers – ordinary and glutenfree

Sweet things

Pumpkin-Nut Striezel

It's autumn. Definitely. Although temperature-wise it almost feels like winter, we can't just skip autumn. Strolling through the forest with a little fog between the trees, kicking leaves, picking mushrooms, breathing air which doesn't smell quite as vibrant as summer's neither as clear as winter's air. Grey and dreary days creating a slightly melancholic mood.… Continue reading Pumpkin-Nut Striezel

Main Dish

Blanched Veg with coconut-herb-rice and wasabi seeds

I don’t like going to a Chinese Restaurant here in Germany because a lot of stuff they offer tends to be really greasy and feels like it’ll stay in my stomach forever. I prefer the type of Thai/Japanese food, you know those fresh flavours, tons of herbs and exciting tastes. Big bowls of broth, noodles… Continue reading Blanched Veg with coconut-herb-rice and wasabi seeds