Sweet things

Vegan Lebkuchen

Yummy Christmas sweets without sugar! Only apple & dates. Leckere vegane Lebkuchen ohne Zucker, dafür mit saftigen Datteln und einem Apfel.

Sweet things

Poached Pears

A sexy recipe to impress potential boyfriends, mothers in law or friends who don't trust in your kitchen skills. Ein sexy Rezept. mit dem potentielle Lover, Schwiegermütter oder Freunde, die bisher nicht in deine Küchen-Skills vertraut haben, überzeugt werden können.

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Kanelknuter – Cinnamon buns with red currants

It's been three months since I've published the last recipe on here. THREE MONTHS. Far too long. My studies took hold of me completely and I did not spend a lot of time on one of my favourite things: food. Of course I had food because obviously one has to but I didn't cook much… Continue reading Kanelknuter – Cinnamon buns with red currants